All by Design



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Imagine modern day America, where a young designer is told that she can’t be what she aspires to be because neither societal pressure nor her family supports her dreams. She is caught between respecting her elders and the risk of losing the only family she has left. My script is called ‘All by Design’ and tells the story about a college-bound millennial named Karol who is struggling between being an emotionally supportive daughter and pursuing her own dreams. Karol's mom, Mary Ann, believes that her daughter should only pursue a reliable career and become a caretaker like herself. Mary Ann’s client, Ms. Sally, a lively 82-year old with Alzheimer’s who owns a Black Woman Owned Architectural Firm, has an inspiring conversation with Karol. When Karol ventures out, she discovers a deep secret about her mom’s past. This secret turns Karol and Mary Ann's mother-daughter relationship on it's head. Ms. Sally attempts to mend their relationship with wisdom. As truths unravel, they discover if it was all by design, for brilliant minds are terrible things to waste.


Directed by Asha Chai-Chang

Written by Asha Chai-Chang

Produced by Eunice N. Smith
Imanne Mondane
Edwin Walker

Cast Jeannette Blackwell
Tiffany N Graham
Maya Hooks

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