George Floyd: Say Their Names



Availability ended 4/30/2021 PDT
When will the "last" time be the LAST time? Chris Oledude's single "George Floyd" has now been re-presented in the powerful video, "George Floyd: Say Their Names." America's struggle for equality and fairness throughout law enforcement parallels those struggles faced by minority groups in every society where the majority feels empowered to disregard civil and human rights. The powerful protests that erupted worldwide after George Floyd's murder in May, 2020, are celebrated here. The enduring power of Black women as determined healers of a torn community is celebrated here. The victims had names. We honor their lives by saying their names. The pressure for change must continue. No justice? No peace!


Directed by Christopher R. Owens
Alyssa Dann

Written by Christopher R. Owens - Music & Lyrics

Production Company CESO ENTERPRISES

Cast Wendy Ward
The Angels of Transformation Dancers
Chris Oledude

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