Tal Jones: “A Black Oil Legacy”

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"A Black Oil Legacy” is the inspiring true story of a Black family’s perseverance and prosperity starting with Oklahoma’s early 1900s Oil Boom, despite the obstacles of slavery, Jim Crow segregation and today’s fight for social justice. Though born a slave in 1850 and illiterate, Tal is business savvy, his mantra being “land is the quickest way to wealth.” Over the decades, he continually files lawsuits against Big Oil and calculating sharks over land and oil royalties aided by his youngest child EXZETTA, the first to go to college, ultimately having an Appeal denied by the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s the Oklahoma Oil Boom, prosperous Blacks patronize their own businesses in Tulsa’s Greenwood District, coined “Black Wall Street”. This attracts the attention of local Whites, who resent the upscale lifestyle of their “inferiors”. A match of doom is lit when a Black shoeshine boy is falsely accused of raping a 17-year-old White elevator operator, igniting 1921’s Tulsa Race Massacre. White mobs, including politicians and police officers, loot and burn Black businesses and homes, leaving hundreds dead or injured and homeless. Tal’s grandson, MULLIE, 20s, is injured but lives to tell the story. The Blacks’ are blamed, and survivors are imprisoned in internment camps. From crooked lawyers to shady Big Oil and calculating kin, the story of Tal Jones is one for the history books. It’s an important true story with interesting characters and unexpected plot twists.


Written by Pamela J. Richardson

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