Unspeakable BLM



Availability ended 4/30/2021 PDT
"Unspeakable", a :60 second PSA highlighting the voices of the Deaf community and their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Created by Emmy Award Winning Film Director Emmai Alaquiva. After a series of conversations with his 8 year-old daughter about the current racial climate, Emmai was inspired by watching her make BLM signs around the house and use art to express her feelings. Being a witness, he was moved to find creative ways to amplify the voices that often get overlooked. He and Makayla took ASL classes together and to this day, it remains very dear to their relationship. “Unspeakable,” a piece Emmai wrote at 2am in a matter of 15 minutes, assembles a diverse cast of the Pittsburgh Deaf community to collectively proclaim through American Sign Language (ASL) that Black Lives Matter. All filmed in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, including several BLM protests.


Directed by Emmai Alaquiva

Written by Emmai Alaquiva

Produced by Ya Momz House
Cydney Cooper
Amy Crawford
Danielle Filip
Greg Pollock

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