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Pearson is questionable detective whose latest actions resulted in the killing of unarmed black men. When Pearson’s kills an unarmed black gangmember, he faces heavy scrutiny from his own police department. This forces his superior Captain Schneider to regulate Pearson to desk duty. Pearson gets shot moments later in the departments parking lot by an unknown assailant. Abraham Lewis is a reputable if brutal honest lonedetective working to solve the murder of Alex Pearson. He immediately has friction with Pearson’s former obnoxious partner, Detective Quincy McDonald. This launches Detective Lewis on an investigative journey where he encounters potential suspects in Cedric White: the older brother to the unarmed gang member who Pearson shot, Stephanie Pearson: Alex Pearson’s wife, Willie Flores: Stephanie’s older gang leader brother, and Lady Parker, homeless key eyewitness to Pearson’s murder. The deeper Lewis’ investigation takes him the more he sees things are not what they seem. He gains an ally in rookie Detective Yesenia Miranda who Lewis connects with in order to help him solve the crime. Lewis only has two days to uncover the truth and also confront a sordid past with one of his potential suspects. Can Lewis solve this murder before he loses a grip on what the truth really is? Detective Lewis will have to watch his back against seemingly everyone while working a murder case where the truth is only one layer of evidence.


Directed by Bryan Bostic

Written by Bryan Bostic
Jeff S. Gordon

Produced by Bryan Bostic
Maurice Lockhart

Cast Antione Grant
Sammy Todd
Manny Casimir

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